Working boat sailing in Falmouth

Moorings for leisure craft

The entire Fal estuary holds approximately 4,500 moorings, 1,500 of which are located within the port of Truro and about 350 in Penryn. The moorings are available to leisure craft and are either of the deep water, half tide or beachMaylor berth (foreshore) or pontoon (Penryn only) type. In most cases the mooring license is let to the holder to place their tackle on the seabed. No separate harbour dues are levied on private moorings although it is implicit that a certain proportion of the mooring license will be utilised for the conservancy functions of the Harbour Authority. Applications for mooring licences should be made directly to the Port of Truro.

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Moorings Policy

Waiting List Application

(Applications for Moorings Waiting List must be residents of Cornwall)

Managed Moorings

The Harbour Authority has some moorings equipped and maintained by the Authority. This is reflected in the tariff but the advantage is that the owner has no maintenance responsibilities.


There are four detached visitors pontoons as well as slipways located at Boscawen Park, Sunny Corner Truro and Ponsharden Falmouth. River patrols are regularly undertaken in the summer months to ensure byelaws are adhered to and that visitor moorings and anchoring fees are collected whilst also offering information and assistance to customers.

Quay Berths and other facilities

The Upper Quays in Truro have electricity and telephone points, basic WC and shower facilities, water and waste disposal. These are available both for short term casual visitors and long term stays.

In Penryn there are a number of half tide moorings and beach berths, together with outhauls and dinghy park spaces. Local clubs, associations and businesses are encouraged to take out a lease of the seabed in order to run their moorings themselves. The club or association gain through being able to charge their own members for the moorings (which include club fees) and enables them to have some security and control over their own particular mooring area.

Clubs benefiting from such leases include:

  • The Association for the Preservation of Local Waters and Amenities
  • Penryn River Users Association
  • Mylor Yacht Club
  • Restronguet Sailing Club
  • Truro and District Boat Owners Association
  • Ponsharden Boat Owners Association

Commercial users include Falmouth Marina, Challenger Marine, Mylor Yacht Harbour, Mylor Creek Boat Yard, Malpas Marine and Victoria Quay.

The policies adopted by the Harbour Authority ensure that there is no vast overcrowding in the area and enable mooring holders and visitors to have the chance to sail in open waters of very high environmental value (much of the Fal area is recognised as both a Special Area of Conservation and as being a Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Moorings for fishing vessels

There are a number of moorings allocated to the operators of bona fide fishing vessels in order for them to undertake their work. In addition, Penryn Quay serves as a useful base for some fishing boats. Penryn Quay has a compound for the storage of nets and other equipment and net bins have been purchased by the Harbour Authority for fishermen to use.

Small passenger craft

There are a number of passenger craft which use the Harbour, with a seasonal (April – October) service linking Falmouth to Truro. In addition a number of ‘tripping’ and ferry boats use the area, principally operated from the Prince of Wales Pier at Falmouth. To apply for a boat/boatman licence or a permit to ply please contact

The Cornwall Council Maritime Section is a licensing authority under the MCA code of practice for licencing small commercial vessels. A number of smaller craft, both self drive and skippered, register as licensed craft each year and these boats are inspected annually to ensure that the equipment carried, hull and engine (if fitted) are fit for use. This group includes sailing schools, self-drive hire, yachtsmen taking out tourists and even craft used for filming, parascending and water-skiing.

Other activities

All forms of leisure activities are encouraged provided they do not pose a threat or danger to other users. A water-skiing and jet-skiing area has been identified and regular contact with sailing clubs, activity centres and sailing schools is maintained. Other leisure based activities including water skiing, diving, jet skiing, angling, windsurfing, gig racing, regattas etc. The Harbour Authority is keen to promote the many marine related businesses in the area, which include everything from locally based mussel farms through to marinas for pleasure craft. There are a number of boatyards and repair facilities for small craft together with yacht storage and craneage facilities.