Harbour Master Notices

Notice to Port Users – 13th May 2020


Notice to Port Users


We have been following the Government’s advice in respect of Coronavirus and are putting measures in place to limit risks to port users, our staff, emergency services and the public. Although the Government is now easing certain aspects of the lockdown in England, there is not yet any specific advice on whether this is applicable to marine leisure activities. The British Ports Association and the UK Harbour Masters’ Association are seeking clarification on this with the Government at national level. Specific guidance is expected shortly. Therefore until we have confirmation that marine leisure activities are permitted and any relevant restrictions on them, we are advising that they should not take place. The safety of our port users is paramount.


Furthermore, even when we are able to reopen our facilities, users should be aware that practices to preserve social distancing will be needed as is prescribed in Government advice issued this week (and further specific guidance to be issued). This means that we may need a short period of time to assess risks and modify arrangements. In the meantime we thank you for your patience and understanding. We share your wish to see safe recreational marine activities again and to kick start the summer season as soon as is practically possible.

M Killingback

Harbour Master for Truro & Penryn

13th May 2020


Harbour Masters Notice – Port of Penryn No. 1 of 2020



Notice No. 1 of 2020


 Sunken Vessel Sanbar

 Notice is hereby given that a 7.5 metre vessel named Sanbar is partially submerged on its mooring near the main channel to Exchequer Quay Penryn.

The vessel cannot be salvaged at this time due the current public health issues.

Mariners are advised to keep a sharp lookout and navigate with care in this area.

This notice is self-cancelling on completion of the salvage of the vessel Sanbar.

 Signed: M Killingback

Harbour Master

24th March 2020